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Stay Healthy even when On-The-Go

Posted on by Organique Inc.

Striking a balance between work, family, and social obligations can be daunting. Making time for yourself may seem nearly impossible. Everyone has a tendency to neglect their health once we become busy. However, it is worth noting that keeping your body in tiptop shape can have a huge impact on your productivity. We've compiled 6 techniques to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite a busy schedule, from healthy supplements to meditation. 

1. Prioritize Sleep 

Having a busy schedule means you may compromise your sleep. Your quality of sleep affects your capacity to operate while you are awake. You have a higher risk of developing chronic illnesses including stroke, obesity, depression, kidney and heart disease. 

2. Hydrate Yourself 

When you are busy, it can be simple to forget to drink water, but it is really necessary. Water is necessary for the body to function correctly. Your body and mind begin to slow down with just a 2% water deprivation, which reduces your productivity. The best way to keep your body hydrated is to monitor your water drinking throughout the day. 

3. Exercise Regularly

A prolonged period of inactivity might be harmful to your body. You must be active if you want to stay alert and prepared for your hectic day. Take a moment to stand up and move around if you are working requires you to be on your desk. By doing this, you can keep the blood flowing normally through your body and muscles. Giving yourself 15 to 30 minutes in the morning or the afternoon for a quick home workout is a fantastic way to be active without taking time away from your workday. 

4. Consume Healthy Snacks 

Your blood sugar dips three to five hours after eating, according to Everyday Health. You may maintain your energy levels, adjust your metabolism, and normalize your blood sugar by eating modest snacks in between meals. You should, however, choose wholesome snacks. Even with a hectic and demanding schedule, eating healthy snacks can assist to enhance your energy, mood, and cognitive performance to keep you focused and productive. 


5. Plan Healthy Meals 

It might be challenging to find the time to prepare and consume healthy meals every day, but when you prepare your meals in advance, it can be an enjoyable and simple to keep your body fed for the whole workweek. Plan time on your days off to prepare two to three different lunches that will last you the entire week. Making your meals ahead of time can prevent you from choosing unhealthy options like fast or junk food. Consider healthy and filling meals that you can prepare quickly to get you through the week. 

6. Take Short Breaks 

It's tempting to imagine yourself taking a break away from your chaotic schedule, but realistically, not everyone has the luxury to do it. If you can’t use those vacation leaves yet, taking 15 minutes short breaks from your work can still keep you healthy. It lowers stress and anxiety as well as allows you to clear your head and focus better. You can take a seat and relax during this short break, allowing yourself a moment to rest and breathe.