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How Acai can help fight COPD

Posted on by Organique Inc.

This is the best time to start making healthy improvements and quit bad habits. Make it your goal to be well informed and take good care of your well-being for you and your loved ones. Let's start the year by talking about COPD and how you could prevent it. 

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is a chronic lung disease that causes obstructed airflow from the lungs and breathing related problems. COPD includes Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis. Emphysema destroys the lungs causes it to collapse. Chronic Bronchitis is usually caused by smoking and drugs. The chemicals destroy the lining of the lungs, making it easy to expose bacteria and causes fungal infections. 


When one encounters shortness of breath, be sure to know the possible cause to take the proper measures. Asthma attacks need an inhaler to clear the airway. Panic attacks usually need to use a brown paper bag. COPD needs an oxygen tank to control the flow of oxygen in the body. COPD symptoms include: 

  • Getting tired easily due to lack of oxygen. Simple tasks like climbing the stairs may be difficult as enough oxygen is needed for power and energy. 
  • Difficulty breathing / shortness of breath. 
  • Always coughing, with the presence of phlegm. 
  • Difficulty sleeping, waking up due to the feeling of drowning when lying down. 

If coughing with phlegm persists for more than a week. It is best to seek professional help as it may also not turn out to be COPD. Other possible causes include heart disease, cancer, covid. 


COPD happens when the lungs and airways are damaged and inflamed. Lifestyle is a big factor in getting COPD and usually affects people in their 40s-50s. Here are some of the usual causes: 

  • Smoking or other harmful substances. Around 9/10 cases are mainly caused by smoking or being exposed to cigarette smoke. 
  • Long-term exposure to fumes and dust. People who work at jobs that expose them to harmful substances everyday have a high chance to develop COPD. These substances include grain & flour dust, silica dust, welding fumes, coal dust, etc.


Although COPD is preventable and treatable, it doesn't go away easily. Stopping smoking can really help prevent COPD from getting worse. If exposed to bad smoke or fumes every day, always wear the right face masks. Avoid crowded area where you can also catch other diseases like pneumonia or covid. 

Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables also help strengthen and protect lungs. Living in a fast-paced world, these may not be enough to receive the daily dose of nutrients needed. It is also important to take good supplements that can provide much needed antioxidants like the Organique Açaí products. The powerful contents of Açaí berries help fight the radicals and chemicals in the body. The antioxidants also help prevent inflammations.  

This 2023, invest in your health. Make sure to eat right, exercise, watch your weight, and have a good lifestyle. Give up those bad habits this year and make better health choices! It's easier to enjoy life's natural goodness with Organique Açaí products! From Organique coffee mix to freeze-dried capsules, you can choose which product best fits your lifestyle.  

Organique Açaí products such as our Organique Açaí Premium Blend, Coffee Mix, Choco Mix, and Freeze-dried capsules are 100% USDA-certified and HALAL-certified. To maintain its health and wellness value, Organique has also made sure that the products have no GMOs, artificial coloring, additives, and preservatives.  

To learn more about our products and how they can positively affect your health and wellness, and ultimately, the quality of your life, read our FAQs here. 

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