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Best Morning Routine to Kick off your Day

Posted on by Organique Inc.

What you do when you wake up is important in setting the tone for the whole day. A good morning routine is simple. It promotes productivity, wellness, and efficiency. Whatever you decide to do, make sure to commit to a ritual that you can actually do. Not having a good routine usually causes you to start your day in a rush, which could cause you more stress. Here are 5 simple habits for a good morning routine to create better healthy habits. 

1. Have a Restful Sleep 

Before we get started with morning habits, getting a good night’s rest is essential to wake up feeling refreshed the next day. Sleeping is your body’s way of recharging to support good mental and physical health. Sleep deficiency can have negative effects on your health. If you’re having trouble getting a full 8 hours of sleep, you may feel exhausted and irritable. Make sure to avoid strenuous activities and limit screen time before bed. Manage your time well to ensure you can get 8 hours or more of rest so you can wake up ready to start your morning routine! 

2. Drink a Glass of Water 

First thing to do when you wake up, drink water! When we sleep, our bodies become dehydrated overnight, so drinking a full glass of warm water helps make up for it. Hydration is key to good health. A glass of water in the morning helps cleanse your body, improves mental performance, stimulates metabolism and digestion, and improves skin health. Another popular choice is drinking warm lemon water to help remove built up toxins overnight, provide Vitamin C, and keep you energized. 

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast 

You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A proper healthy breakfast can help you have energy and better focus throughout the day. Prepare with your favorite healthy ingredients! Whether a simple smoothie or a full big breakfast, discover what works best for you with the time and ingredients that you have at home. 

4. Move your Body 

Get your heart rate up by going out for a quick jog, doing yoga. Even doing simple tasks like a stretching routine, making your bed, or dancing to your favorite music can help get your blood flowing and improve mental clarity. Exercising for 10 minutes every day or a couple of times a week will help keep you healthy and in shape. Find out what kind of exercise is right for you until you make it into a habit! 

5. Make a To-Do List 

Dedicating time in the morning to review and prioritize tasks can really help you prepare and achieve you goals for the day. Writing them down or using a management app will help organize your schedule and transition you to a productive day. Prioritize 3 to 5 tasks in your list and break them down into steps. With this, you’ll be getting a sense of purpose and accomplishment every day! 

Morning routines can make or break your day. Whether you’re a morning person or not, it’s always better to start your day the right way. Don’t be pressured into incorporating new activities right away, good habits take time. You’ll find the right routine for you eventually. If it causes more harm than good, it’s probably not right for you. Choose to form healthy habits and feel the difference! 

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