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acai berry

The Acai Berry

Initially known as the superfood with anti-aging and weight-loss properties, the Acai trend started in the United State where an influx of influential people came to love. Soon, other countries started to follow and has now captured worldwide attention. Native to the Amazon rainforests, this slender palm (50-100 feet high) produces these; small, round, black-purple nutritious berries (1in. in circumference) that is considered to have one of the highest ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) levels among any other in the world.

Apart from its glamourous reputation, Acai berries consists of; Antioxidants, Iron, Anthocyanin, Calcium, Vitamin A & C, Fibre, and Monounsaturated Fats.





With very high levels of; antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that have health benefiting and disease preventing properties, the Acai berries also consists of high caloric values and fats (100g=80-250 cal). Studies suggest that these compounds help promote anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. In addition, the tannins found in these berries have anti-infective, anti-inflammatory and anti-hemorrhagic properties.

With a good amount of minerals, this "Superfruit" can help control the heart rate and blood pressure due to the Potassium content. Apart from the copper, iron, and magnesium components, it also has Manganese that act as co-factors for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase. In addition, the Acai is very rich in B-complex, Vitamin K, Niacin, Vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine) as well as Riboflavin. These vitamins function as co-factors and help the body process carbohydrates, proteins and fats more efficiently.


Primary research studies suggest that the ellagic acid in Acai has anti-proliferative properties by virtue of its ability to directly inhibit DNA binding of certain carcinogens (nitrosamine toxins) in the food. Rich in medium chain fatty acids like omega-9 and omega-6, these compounds help reduce LDL-cholesterol levels while raising good HDL-cholesterol levels in the body that help cut down heart disease risks. Additionaly, the essential fats in Acai help prevent skin dryness by maintaining adequate moisture in the skin.


  1. Helps build a strong body with protein.
  2. May help cleanse and detoxify the body.
  3. May help muscle contractions.
  4. May help muscle regeneration.
  5. May aid in increase of energy & stamina.
  6. May help in stress relief.
  7. May improve sexual health.
  8. May aid body synergy.
  9. May be a potent anti-aging food.
  10. May help prevent prostate enlargement.
  11. May help prevent osteoporosis.
  12. May help ease up menstrual pains.
  13. May reduce bad cholesterol.
  14. Sterols components may lower BP
  15. May help protect blood vessels.
  16. May help prevent heart diseases.
  17. May help thwart retinopathy.
  18. May improve glucose and lipid levels.
  19. May help weight control.
  20. Can improve resistance to diseases.
  1. May improve function of immune cells.
  2. May prevent damage to immune system.
  3. Fights viruses, bacterial infections, fungi.
  4. Acts as antimutagenic.
  5. May help improve digestion.
  6. May help overcome acid-reflux diseases.
  7. May help heal ulcer.
  8. May help relieve symptoms of Crohn's disease.
  9. May improve skin tone.
  10. May act as an astringent.
  11. May defend against premature wrinkles.
  12. May help thwart cancer.
  13. May reduce arthritis pain.
  14. May relieve symptoms of asthma.
  15. May reduce risk for Alzheimer's disease.
  16. May help improve vision.
  17. May help maintain healthy teeth & gums.
  18. May improve mental clarity.
  19. May contribute to better sleep.
  20. May help promote overall wellness.