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Building healthy holiday habits

Posted on by Organique Inc.


As the famous Andy Williams holiday song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It is the season that is abundant with joy and happiness. This is the time when we meet up with colleagues, family and friends at reunions and other social gatherings. The month when we shop more than necessary and thank goodness for that 13th month and year-end bonus because we have the extra budget to cover for the more than usual expenses for gifts and giveaways.  

While there’s a long list of reasons why the holiday season is jolly and fun, it also comes with a long list of unhealthy habits that can bring us guilt when all of this is done. We hope that you survived them this year and if not, don’t worry, you can save this article to remind you next year, right? Let’s begin.

Holiday Season Social Gatherings are Back with a Vengeance

This year’s holiday season is most especially the unhealthiest for us because of all the social gatherings—reunions and office parties, that we’ve particularly missed out on in the last 2 or so years…and they’re back with a vengeance, too!  

At these occasions, many of us eat more and drink more because everyone else is doing it anyway. We think that we’ll just try and hit the “reset” button when the first day of the new year comes. But noooo, my friend. It just doesn’t work that way.  

So while you’re at the office party or your family reunion, we hope that you came with a disciplined mindset and have avoided seating areas or hang out spaces that give you that advantageous purview of the delicious buffet line that offered the savory cochi, fruit salad and that fine selection of wines and your other favorite cocktails. 

Holiday Season Binge Eating Habits And how to Avoid Them

However, in case that you weren’t able to, and is starting to think about ways to reverse them…try this:  For the next couple of days, try having a shot of Organique premium blend or a hot cup of choco made with Organique Choco Mix to help with digestion and to also help avoid acid reflux going forward. Once you’ve built the habit, we hope that you can continue doing so as we transition to the new year.    

The Organique Açai Choco Mix Helps with Digestion and to help Avoid Acid Reflux

During this holiday season, it’s not just the weather that was frightening. There’s also the matter of heavy traffic wherever we go—the streets, shopping malls, transportation centers such as the airport. Being in any of these places, put more stress than usual in our mind and body. On top of that, during this holiday season, due to the world’s embracing of the remote work set up, our professional and personal schedules tend to do a mashup even when we are already on holiday. But, let’s face it, this is the new reality that we must cope and live with. However, this doesn’t mean that we’ll just accept this situation as it is without managing it. So, here’s our little contribution on how to best navigate this and we hope that it helps:  

Practice patience on the road during the holiday rush hours

Meditate and Avoid the Habit of Feeling Tense in High Pressure Situations

A famous TV actor once said, “I love it when a great plan comes together.” So start with that...a plan. Draw up a detailed plan that will help you map out your holiday schedule. While heavy traffic all around us is unavoidable and the stress can build when you approach…say, a pack of flashing red taillights along the northbound side of EDSA heading to your next party or even when you’re already on holiday mode along Session Road in Baguio City, it can be managed by leaving ahead of time or to perhaps simply avoiding the rush hour to help minimize the unnecessary stress.  And when things still happen and they go from bad to worse, say like a delayed flight on your way back from an overseas trip or missing bags (gosh, we hope that this never happens to anyone during the holiday season, but hey, what can happen, may happen right?), try to practice extra patience to maintain your personal joy and happy memories of this holiday season (tough but trust us, this simple hack can help your sanity stay healthy during this stressful season). And to help with that, try taking with you our Organique Açai freeze dried capsules.  

This is an easy-to-consume and pocketable format of açai, which can help with stress relief and support you in the improvement of mental clarity—an important factor in our mental health during this highly stressful and very busy period of time in the year.  This product also helps cleanse and detoxify your body, which can of course help you make the most out of the holiday season.  

Organique Açai Freeze Dried Capsules help with better mental clarity

While these unhealthy habits may be unavoidable during the holiday season especially this year, it is very important that we are aware about them and that we know how to address them more than anybody else.  

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