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Being Healthy: The Most Important Component To Living A Better Life

Posted on by Organique Inc.

We all desire something bigger and better in life-- a dream house, a grand trip to our favorite destinations, a fulfilling job or career, or maybe even a partner and family to grow old and healthy with.

It is human nature for us to imagine and aim for these goals that can give us a happier life. However, we can experience many realities and limitations that can keep us from making these dreams a reality.

So, how do we confront these obstacles for us to live the life that we want? Here's how:

Work Towards Creating A Healthier Mind And Body


Making a health and wellness journal to track your progress towards living a better life


Having a healthy mind and body brings you towards the better life that you would like to achieve because it enables you to do your daily activities more effectively. Create a journal that logs and tracks your activities and daily habits. It allows you to see tangibly your progress and opportunity areas—sleeping habits, important details about your meals and snacks, your work or business hours, your time for physical fitness, and other activities that may affect your quality of life. There are also apps that allow you to conveniently carry this journal with you via your mobile phone, making it easier for you to track your progress anytime, anywhere.


Get Enough Sleep


Have more longer quality sleep to be more energized to work on your goals during the daytime


It is often overlooked, but having enough sleep creates a foundation that helps you function better when you are awake, and also helps improve your overall health and wellness. More hours and better quality of sleep allow your body to get ready for the next day and improves your mood. You can try gradually sleeping earlier, or make your bedroom more comfortable for sleep by dimming the lights or listening to music that helps you relax.


Allow Your Mind And Body To Have Healthy Quick Breaks


Quick breaks during the day are part of a healthy and balance lifestyle.

When you go about your work or business during the daytime, which allows us to meet our financial or material goals, make sure to take five-minute breaks in between major tasks or work routines. These breaks are a healthy habit that will allow your mind to rest, and help your body regain the necessary stamina and strength to continue. This habit will also prevent your eyes from getting strained, especially if your work requires you to be in front of a screen for long periods of time.


Get Physical


Work out helps boost your confidence and provides you with a stronger body and mind.


Work on your physical and mental fitness goals as you work on your other life goals. So, start each day by meditating and by doing some proper stretching or any other exercise that you like. This aligns your mind and body with your fitness goals as well as your life goals, and more importantly, prepares you for the day ahead! Remember, the key to enjoying this process is to find the right workout that best suits you and commit to it!

Having this as part of your daily routine will give you the additional stamina to keep going and will allow you to keep working on your other dreams in life. Exercising, no matter what form or type, will also release chemicals in your body that make you feel good, and therefore, it will also enable you to have more in you to keep on going towards a better quality of life that's healthy and one that is according to your vision.


Eat Healthy

 Make meal preparations and healthier choices with your food and drinks intake.


Lastly, having a healthy diet sounds cliché, but it is important that you eat right and on time.

Eat nutritious foods that will feed and nourish your body the right way. Don't skip a meal to prevent your mind from craving for food items and snacks that are considered unhealthy. Whenever you need to be on the go throughout the day, you can replace junk food or candy with healthy snacks. Fruits, nuts, air-fried sweet potatoes, and even simple and easy to make hard-boiled eggs can make sure that you’re filled during your day's activities. This makes sure that your mind and body are properly nourished the healthy way.

It is also important to keep yourself always hydrated, especially in a tropical country like the Philippines, where the heat and humidity can cause exhaustion. Drink at least 3 liters of water and you can even include natural juices like coconut juice. You can follow whichever suits your healthy meal plan or what your physician has prescribed you!

Eating the right foods every day and keeping yourself hydrated will guarantee that your body is fueled right as you work on achieving the life you want to live. It also helps that you consume foods and drinks that are from natural and organic sources like Organique. Our products are primarily from the Açaí Berry. Organique Açaí is an authentic superfood supplement because the Açaí Berry is popularly considered as a miracle fruit. Apart from it being highly nourishing, it provides you with high levels of antioxidants, vitamins A and C, minerals, and anthocyanins. It's also high in fiber, protein, calcium, iron, potassium, and Omega 3. This means that it can help you have better skin, lower cholesterol, and other health benefits including better memory, digestion, and blood circulation.

Organique Acai berries are high in nutrition and other essential components that help in the improvement of the condition of our mind and body.


Organique Açaí products such as our Organique Açaí Premium Blend, Coffee Mix, Choco Mix, and Freeze-dried capsules are 100% USDA-certified and HALAL-certified. For it to maintain its health and wellness value, Organique has also made sure that the products have no GMOs, artificial coloring, additives, and preservatives. Amazing, right?

To learn more about our products and how it can positively affect your health and wellness, and ultimately, the quality of your life, read our FAQs here.


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