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6 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Posted on by Organique Admin
Our bodies work hard to fight off infections. But the cold and flu season is upon us—and as the breeze blows a little colder every day, we’d do well to give it a little boost.
Get started by—

1. Moving and Getting Some Exercise
The benefits of exercise are undeniable. It’s great for your heart, waistline, muscles, joints, and bones. Few though are familiar with what it can do for your immune system—especially as we get older. Typically, native T cells, which alert our bodies when detecting unfamiliar infections in our immune system declines as we age. However, adults who get regular exercise were shown to still be generating as many T cells as young adults, which ultimately help minimize your risk to autoimmune diseases, upper respiratory tract infections, including the flu and common cold.

2. Making Sure You Get Enough Sleep
Sleep is very important to keep your immune system in top shape. According to studies, white blood cells in subjects over 65 who get less than six hours of sleep daily have a harder time fighting unfamiliar pathogens versus those who sleep get more sleep. This is likely why people who are sleep deprived are significantly more susceptible to catching cold and flu.

3. Choosing to Eat Whole and Healthy Foods
Gut health is critical to our immune system. A healthy guy allows the body to produce T cells that trigger immune responses and prevents autoimmune diseases. To that end, a high-fiber, low-fat diet packed with lots of vegetables is a great way to protect yourself from common viruses. Fruits are also an awesome source of antioxidants and nutrients that help boost your immune system. Try adding the açaí into your daily routine. The exotic superfood native to the Amazon is known for being antioxidant-rich and loaded with anthocyanins.

4. Minimizing Drinking
It’s not just a hangover that you have to worry about when you have one too many drinks. Drinking to excess has been shown to reduce the level of white blood cells in your body, which fight infections and cancer.

5. Quitting Smoking
Smokers are actually more prone to inflammatory diseases and infections, such as flu and pneumonia than smokers. According to studies, this could be a result of the nicotine preventing the ability of white blood cells to kill harmful microbes.

6. Getting Some Sunlight
Vitamin D, which our bodies create when we’re exposed to sunlight, helps keep our immune system in great shape. Not only does it maintain great balance by stimulating the development of cells that help prevent autoimmune responses, it also boosts our defenses against colds and flu.
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