Organique Açaí Power Smoothie

August 13, 2016

Organique Acai Power Smoothie


As one of many ways to enjoy the benefits of the Organique Acai premium blend, here is a power smoothie. This drink is highly recommended after work-outs, and runs as it helps your body recuperate from exercise-induced stress. Popular among athletes who train for the Ironman run and other marathon events, this vegan, gluten-free drink is one of the best – and tasty – “recovery drinks” you can ever have.

The “secret ingredient” in this smoothie is a splash of vanilla coffee creamer, which provides the perfect amount of creaminess and smooth consistency.  Add to that a banana and vanilla protein powder with the juice, just makes this the perfect coll-down drink.  It was refreshing, healthy and absolutely delicious.


  • 2 ounces of Organíque Açaí Premium Blend
  • 1 banana (extra ripe if available)
  • 1T fat free French vanilla coffee creamer (try a splash of milk or a spoonful of yogurt as a substitute if necessary)
  • 5-6 ice cubes


  1. In a single serving blender pour in juice.  Add banana, then protein powder, ice and creamer
  2. Pulse until ice is crushed, and then blend for about 20 seconds.

Note: This recipe makes a single serving drink with 13 grams of protein.  If you want to make this in a regular blender, you will need to at least double to recipe.
Difficulty:       Super Easy
Time:                2 minutes
Source:            Organíque, Inc.